All Your Points. One Pocket.

No need to take gift cards with you everywhere anymore, all of your points are in your pocket.

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Make Every Visit Count

collect points from stores you love

Collect Points

No need to take loyalty gift cards with you everywhere anymore, all of your points are in your pocket.

Enjoy Gifts

Redeem points with gifts from stores you enjoy going to all the time, make each visit count.

Explore More

Find and explore more places in your area and anything that you can relate to you personally.

A business owner?

Weslah can help you increese your profits and know your customers better.

Powerful And Easy Interface Weslah was built with a goal to make it simple and easy for everyone to use. Powerful, easy, and beautiful interface to make it enjoyable to grow your business.

Dashboard And Analytics Data matters and it is only yours. With Weslah you get full access to a dashboard with analytics about your business with a breakdown for each branch you own.

Multi Branches Support Support for multi branches in different cities, and you can easily manage the status of each branch with a few clicks in simple steps.

Gifts With Statistic You can add as many gifts as you want for your customers to be redeemed once they collect the required amount of points with statistics about what gift your customers like the most.

User Management User management with no limit for the number of users you can add and there are no fees for how many users you have, you can have one user managing your branch or many, your choice.

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